16th January 2022 Update:

Happy New Year!

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support last year and I look forward to working with you during 2022.

During 2021 I started to expand my rehabilitation work, using many football based training drills, as well as continuing to work with balance, stretching and core strength conditioning. Many of you have been discovering muscles you never knew you had, and others are starting to gain much needed strength following surgery.  The clinic now has two mini trampolines as of last week!

I am aware that many rules around Covid are changing weekly it would seem. Whilst some of the rules have been relaxed, I would ask that you still attend your appointments wearing a face mask, and to remain careful where possible.

I will continue to do all I can to keep you as risk free as possible. Please call me to discuss any concerns you may have on 01823 491 690.

If you are unable to book an appointment using the booking service, please email me: andrea@adh-clinic.com  and I will do my best to come up with a solution!

I wish you an exciting, healthy year.

Very Best Wishes

Andrea x

Welcome to ADH Clinic

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My training, skills, development and experience of the past two decades allows me to work with clients in a holistic manner, always taking into account the needs of the individual, their objectives and personal circumstances.

Hands-on therapies can be a key element in helping an individual recover from times of stress, specific health conditions, injury, post-operatively or stroke. The application of specific exercises can also play a vital role in a person’s rehabilitation, recovery from illness, or need for improved general wellbeing.

I’m excited to welcome my lovely patients back to my new and updated clinic, and  look forward to meeting new patients alike. 

Very best wishes to you all.


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"I was first referred to Andrea through The Nuffield some 16 years ago. We have been on a journey together through different events in my life supporting me greatly particularly through both my pregnancies with massage and reflexology. Andrea is without doubt the most amazing therapist and her hands on approach is her art. I always look forward to my appointments with her."
B. Taunton, Somerset
"I have been a client of Andrea’s for many years having originally gone to her following a referral from my employer Avon and Somerset Constabulary. Andrea treated me in a way which enabled me to continue in my role as a Police Officer with old road traffic accident injuries. My continued treatment over the years by Andrea was I believe the main reason that my career successfully continued and I was able to function pain free. In more recent years Andrea has supported me in managing a new and sometimes debilitating health condition and her professionalism, insight and knowledge ensure that I am able to trust in her work to fully support holistically. I have complete faith in Andrea in her role and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone needing personalised holistic support."
A. Taunton, Somerset​
"Whether it was an injury from surfing, running, general sporting niggles or the wear and tear of computer/office based work, Andrea always reset my body to be ready to go again. The brilliant deep muscle sports massages I highly recommend."
C. Taunton, Somerset
"Andrea’s treatment is the best massage I could have asked for. I had many massages previously, but her unique and personalised approach is what I needed for pain relief. She is also the only therapist to have taken the time and effort to understand my daily work routine in order to help me manage my condition and pain prevention."
C. London
"I have had the absolute delight of meeting this lovely lady Andrea, who is by far the most professional massage therapist I have ever had. Andreas clinic is absolutely immaculate throughout & makes you feel cared for & very safe. I have always felt at ease & totally relaxed from start to finish at all of my appointments. Andrea is exceptional at her job & goes above & beyond to make sure that your appointment is all about you & your needs, i do suffer with back & neck problems so her massages are amazing for me, there's nothing this lady can not do for you. She tailors to your physical needs in every way possible! Her professional knowledge shines through in everything she does, i have complete faith in Andrea & always look forward to my appointments never wanting to leave, i can not recommend this lady enough “absolutely amazing."
N. Taunton, Somerset​
"When I came to Mrs Douthwaite-Hodges I had peripheral neuropathy in my feet and legs up to my knees, (it had started with shingles a decade before).  Although I had been having massage every month or two, prior to meeting Mrs Douthwaite-Hodges , it had continued to increase annually upward towards my spinal cord, I did not like it. Since Mrs Douthwaite-Hodges has been treating my feet and legs the neuropathy  has lessened , and is now little enough to allow some feeling in my feet."
M. Taunton, Somerset​

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